Moderator: Bill Ohlendorf

Statement of Purpose:

   To assist in ministering to the sick, elderly, infirm, and needy, and in promoting the welfare of the church.


   Deacons serve an important role in the Presbyterian church.  They represent the heart of what it means to be a Christian.  

   They reach out in love to those in need, in the name and love of Jesus Christ.  (Matthew 25: 36-46)


Deacons' Responsibilities:

    - Visitation of elderly/infirm

   - Distribution of Thanksgiving baskets

   - Deliverance of poinsettias and lilies

   - Support of House of Hope Food Pantry

   -  Mailing of cards for birthdays and hospitalizations

   - Review of financial assistance for rent or utilities

   - Participation in usher/greeter schedules

   - Hosting of Fellowship Hour

   - Mitten Tree/Angel Tree donations

Board of Deacons

  Class of 2021  Class of 2022  Class of 2023
Ken Brunner Amanda Corbin Crystal Bayne
Janet Castor Bill Ohlendorf (Moderator) Laurie Dorsey
Gregg Mayberry Dan Smith  


Click here to see information regarding Community Assistance.


  September 2021